An Introduction


Hello, nice to meet you…

So here we are, the very first post for the Natalie Ellen Weddings blog. A massive welcome to you and thank you for venturing on to my little piece of the internet to have a read. I’m Natalie and as the name suggests, I’m the owner of Natalie Ellen Weddings.

I won’t bore you with too much of an introduction to me (you can read that here instead), but I’d love to tell you a bit more about my ‘why’. Why I chose to pack in my previous career, why I decided wedding planning was for me and why I want to help you plan your best day ever.

Let’s break it down...

Deciding to make the break from my previous career took time. I’d been working in PR/external communications since I left university and I always loved it. I went from launching the latest must-have mascara and schmoozing the editors of Elle magazine to educating the public about the importance of vaccinations and launching Viagra in pharmacies (yes, really!) It was fast-paced, exciting and pretty damn stressful, but that suited my personality well so I stuck at it. So, what changed? Well that one’s easy – I got given a diamond and my sordid love affair with weddings began.  

I always knew I’d love planning my* wedding, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed (almost) every aspect. I found the tiniest little details that my now-husband probably couldn’t care less about so exciting; I’m talking genuine glee about cute, illustrated toilet door signs. A little bit crazy-lady, right?

Friends and family rightly warned me to prepare myself for the aftermath, the dreaded ‘no planning zone’ when the wedding was over and I’d start to mourn. Luckily we nailed it (*high five Steve*) and planned an incredible summer to soften the blow. But I never did let go and I jumped on any opportunity to talk about weddings or help friends with their plans.

The big-break came when my husband was offered a role in Paris and we decided it was the perfect opportunity to put my passion to practice from the city of love & lights. So that brings us to now, when you’ll find me planning weddings on both sides of the channel tunnel, and in between (the Eurostar is now my third home..)


So how does any of this help you plan your wedding?

My unwavering love for weddings means I keep a close eye on the latest trends, endeavour to find and work with the best suppliers and get a real buzz from finding something new for my couples – something that will wow your guests, leave you with a lasting memory and feel utterly ‘you’.

It would be easy for me to talk about making your dreams come true, but what I want is to offer you a tangible reality: think stunning installations of florals & foliage, custom cocktails, all of your favourite food, CAKE (all the cake..), a band that keeps your guests dancing till their feet hurt and a face that aches the next day from smiling too much. Let me know if you want to have a chat about your plans.

À bientôt,

Nat x

*I always got told off for calling it ‘my’ wedding rather than ‘our’ wedding – old habits die hard

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