Defining your wedding style

White and green wedding theme with gin bottle styling

When your first start planning your wedding it seems pretty straightforward – you’ll book all your suppliers and they’ll work together to create the wedding of your dreams, right? Well, kind of..

Firstly, you need to really define what your perfect day looks like so you can give a great brief to all your suppliers. Only then can they absolutely nail it! So how do you decide exactly what it is that you want for your wedding day and how do you articulate and show it?

Here’s my top tips for figuring out your unique wedding style:

Start big

This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s best to start with lots of ideas before you narrow them down. This is where Pinterest is your best friend! If you haven’t already, sign up for an account and create a generic ‘wedding’ board. Spend time searching the kind of wedding you think you’d like – ‘london wedding’, ‘countryside wedding’, ‘rustic wedding’, ‘industrial wedding’ for example, and you’ll quickly start to find some amazing inspiration and no doubt end up down a Pinterest rabbit hole at some point! The goal is to pin anything that really grabs you and any ideas that you love. Try not to worry about pinning too much, you can always unpin later!

Check out some wedding blogs and magazines for even more inspiration. All the big sites feature multiple real weddings each day so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Take note of their functions to refine what you’re looking for, as it can be a little overwhelming otherwise! Rock My Wedding for instance lets you narrow your search down by style, season, colour scheme and location.  Check out Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress, Style Me Pretty and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings – they all feature a broad range of different weddings so there’s plenty to go from!

Natalie Ellen Weddings moodboard to define wedding style

Think in colour

Along the way, you might notice that certain colours or textures are particularly prominent in the images that you’re drawn to. Build on the colours that you tend to be seeing and expand your search a little to capture a range of images with the colours, flowers, fashion and tableware that takes your fancy.

Consider all elements

Once you’re on a roll, you’ll naturally start searching for imagery along the lines of what you’ve found and loved so far, but remember to consider all elements of your wedding in order to build a full picture of your ideal day. Find images of venues which you love, wedding gowns which you can see yourself in, flowers and decorations which you absolutely have to have. You may even find a whole real wedding which you can’t get enough of. Don’t stress about plagiarising someone else’s wedding, this is about inspiration and ideas, so if you love each and every element of someone’s wedding, save it!

Modern and cool wedding day tablescape with copper cutlery

Break it down

Once you have a Pinterest board full of amazing ideas and drool-worthy weddings, set some time aside to have another look through everything that you’ve pinned and be a bit more brutal this time. If along the way you’ve decided that a specific style of wedding feels very ‘you’, consider any images that don’t speak to that vibe and unpin. If it feels a bit too soon to get rid of them completely, you can always start a fresh board and pin your absolute fave images to that board instead!

You might find that you love certain images but they don’t quite fit with your overall look and feel. That’s totally fine! You can love an image without it being ‘you’. Keep it for your own board but think about removing it from the final board if it sticks out like a sore thumb!

Take time out, then come back

Browsing hundreds of images can be really overwhelming, particularly if you had no idea what your style would be when you started. Once you’ve cut down your board and you feel pretty happy with it, pat yourself on the back, walk away and leave it for a few days. Come back to it and go through as a couple, rather than on your own. If a certain image no longer feels right for you, unpin it. It’s amazing how much more focused and decisive you’re able to be with fresh eyes!

If the idea of trying to figure out what style wedding you’d like fills you with dread, or you just can’t pinpoint what you want, feel free to get in touch. I love learning about couples and supporting them to build bespoke moodboards to reflect their personality & style!

Nat x